press release

Word And Mouth will work with your colleagues to assemble the right information for the right news outlets.

We'll help you identify the influencers and stakeholders who can propel your message to the right customers of today and tomorrow.

Then we'll write the press release and set it free.


website audit

Our digital communications experts will spend hours poring over your website before presenting you with a personalised report showing where you can make the greatest difference with the least effort to inspire and convert your prospective customers.

We recommend the Website Audit service to everyone, irrespective of whether they are new to business or have ben marketing their company for years.




content strategy

Customer communications is no small project.

A huge commitment is required from both your business and Word And Mouth to produce a masterplan bringing your brand to life both online and offline.

Our Content Strategy service is carried out using video conferencing (or face to face - travel expenses will be required and are additional to the standard service price) and you should plan for 10 hours of strategy meetings with us, in addition to 25+ hours of research to make this a huge hit for your business.


Voice Over

Acclaimed broadcaster and voice over artist Dave Thackeray is here to narrate your next explainer or corporate video.

Simply provide us with an overview of what you're looking to accomplish with your production, and the precise duration of the finished footage.

We can either help you write a script to accompany the work, or you can provide your own.




podcast 10-pack

A podcast can be the most powerful way to introduce people to your brand and create a customer community in tune with your message.

Dave Thackeray, UK Ambassador to the European Podcast Award, will research, host and produce a season of 10 shows to get your podcast off to a flying start.

Alternatively please get in touch to find out about podcast coaching for your future hosts. We can also help with content planning - or if you'd simply like us to edit your shows, we can do that for you, too.


website home page rewrite

Your home page is your shop window.

The quickest and easiest way to appreciate the huge benefits of bringing Word And Mouth to your business is to have us review and rewrite your home page.

We'll spend time understanding your mission, vision and values and then dive right in, providing you with a draft of the home page rewrite which you can use in part or full to give your home on the web a major makeover.